Since the first Islamic missionaries arrived on our shores during the 1920s, the goal has been to conquer America. A variety of subversive methods have been put toward those ends, although the non-violent approach of establishing Shar’ia law is the most feasible since government neutrality towards religion is guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. By attempting to convince Americans that Islam does not have any fundamental disagreements with the ideals of a free society, unsuspecting Americans will not be alerted to the real ends being sought. By giving the appearance of wanting to join the great American experiment, not work against it, Islamists intent on their religion dominating our Western culture are really masking an attempt to destroy it from within.

Non-violent Muslim efforts are manifested in the election of a second Muslim to the U.S. House of Representatives. According to the Militant Islam Monitor, on March 12, 2008, Andre Carson was sworn in as a representative from the 7th District of Minnesota.

Despite Mr. Carson’s assertions that he is an “orthodox, universal secular Muslim,” a term which seems crafted to reject Islamism, the fact that he has chosen to partner with groups like CAIR and extremists like Ellison suggests otherwise, that Carson is instead, playing a game of intentional deception.

Carson’s continued presence in Congress – where it appears that he will follow in Keith Ellison’s footsteps – is therefore a matter of grave concern and further evidence that the stealth jihad has now spilled into the very halls of Congress.

While the many Americans who voted for him may see themselves as accommodating of other religions, they fail to realize that Islam is not just a religion, but also a legal system that issues such punishments as floggings, stonings, and the severing of limbs. It is not a religion of peace as some would like to claim. If America is to preserve its existing order, we must be vigilant in defending it against the social and political pressures in favor of handing Islam a special status. Instead, we must foster the revealing of the true nature of Islam.