Rabbi Uria Ohana was just going about his day inside a subway station when a young man snatched off his Yarmulke and ran off with it. Not to be deterred in his expression of faith, Rabbi Ohana gave chase through the subway station only to run into this young man and a few of his friends. The man, 18 year old Ali Hussien and two unidentified friends began to throw punches at the rabbi and yelled Allah akbar (God is great) while they beat him.

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Now this latest display of “tolerance” and “respectful religious disagreement” did not happen in Tel Aviv, Egypt or even in one of the many European countries now running over with militant islamists. This latest attack came in a substation located in Brooklyn, NY. Now, since our country has infected itself with an acute case of Political Correctness, I will start the legal disclaimer section of my blog. I the engaging party of this blog here-do attest and vow, in the presence of God, Allah, Jehovah, Budda, mother earth, everything and anything you the reader believe and hold dear, that I dont believe all muslims to be of the militant variety.

Just like any group, there are elements that will abuse the good name of a religion and distort the practice of the majority, but this attack begs the question of what was being taught to those disciples of Muhammad. Certainly they did not learn this behavior on their own, so what code of conduct are they learning at home and at their mosque? Just out of my own curiosity, I ask you to indulge this question also. If the shoe were on the other foot, and a young Jewish male had ripped the religious head dress off a young muslim woman, or if several jewish men had beaten up a muslim cleric while chanting how great their God was, what do you think the reaction would be from the muslim community?

To my eternal amusement, as the young man who had stolen the yarmulke was attempting to flee, reveling in the knowledge that Allah had blessed his actions, he was struck by a vehicle and had to have emergency services treat him. Even now however, political correctness is still a factor in serving justice for Rabbi Ohana. Since he has decided to press charges in the incident, New York City Prosecutors have not yet decided if this crime falls into the category of a “hate” or bias crime (I would have to agree, since the victim was not gay, black or muslim for which this special victim status was intended). Ill stop my rant now but I raised this story with one point in mind. Our political correctness is killing us, and unless we dig our heads out of the sand now, we might not have a head to pullout later.